Unveiling New Pipeline Including p53-mRNA Drugs, Selective HER2 Inhibitors, and IRE1α Inhibitors at AACR 2024

ai 투자 : Hanmi Science, represented by CEO Song Young-Sook, announced on March 18th its participation in the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR 2024) in San Diego, USA, from April 5th to 10th. Hanmi Pharmaceutical, its core subsidiary, will unveil a record-breaking 10 new research projects, marking the highest number in the industry.

주식 : The research projects set to be revealed by Hanmi Pharmaceutical at AACR 2024 encompass a diverse range, including two anti-cancer drugs targeting p53-mRNA, two LAPSIL-2 analogs (development code name HM16390), two EZH1/2 dual inhibitors (HM97662), and more. These groundbreaking endeavors, presented in poster form, will be explained by researchers from Hanmi Pharmaceutical's Research and Development (R&D) Center, showcasing the innovative prowess of the Hanmi Group.

A Hanmi Science representative expressed delight at the opportunity to introduce Hanmi Pharmaceutical's innovative projects at AACR, highlighting the company's commitment to rapid commercialization and future value enhancement.

The unveiling will commence with the announcement of research results on April 7th, focusing on the 'Next-generation p53-mRNA anti-cancer drug' designed to target p53 mutations in cancer. This initiative aims to address the current lack of commercialized drugs for p53 mutations, a significant gap in cancer treatment.